Twin Bayou District

Sam Houston Area Council

More Fun, More High Adventure, More Scout-Led


    Troop Meeting 7:30 
5   Adult Committee Meeting 7:30, Drummet
11   Troop Meeting 7:30 and Order of the Arrow elections (51% of Scouts need to be present)
14-16  Biking at Rocky Hill Ranch campout 
18  Troop Meeting 7:30  
23 Brisket and Turkey Distribution  
25  Green Bar 6:30, Troop Meeting 7:30

    Troop Meeting 7:30 
3   Adult Committee Meeting 7:30, Drummet
9   Troop Meeting 7:30 and Life to Eagle Scout meeting for Life Scouts ( with Zach Robinson)
13 Elves and More, 9am to noon
16  Troop Meeting 7:30 and Troop elections. SPL candidates who completed NYLT must attend. 
23  Troop Meeting 7:30    
26-30  Winter Camp

Upcoming Service Projects

Elves & More!

Dec. 13 - 9 to noon

What is Elves and More?

It's a way to donate funds and build bicycles for less fortunate children.  The children earn the bike by achieving a school goal.

Scouts will earn 3 fun service hours.


When is it?

We have reserved slots for 16 scouts and 4 adult volunteers on December 13 from 9am to noon.

We will meet at the church at 8:15, go to lunch afterward and return around 1:30.  There is a limited number of slots, but if there is great demand we will work to reserve more.


How do we sign up?

 Sign up by completing the Elves and More Permission Form and submitting it to Mr. Matt Ryan at a troop meeting.  A $40 donation is required for each scout and family member by check made out to Troop 266.   All family members are welcome.


 The patrol with the most participation will win a pizza party!


Click to learn more about Elves and More

The 2014-15 Campout Schedule is here! (click above)  

2015 Dues are Due!

It's time again to pay the annual family Troop registration dues.  Please pay by November 30 in order for us to submit them on time to SHAC. 


For 2015 there is a $25 reduction over last year - scouts are $175 each/adults $25.

You can pay using the PayPal link below (see instructions below) or pay by check made out to "Troop 266" and submitted to Karen Mokaddem, Jim Wilcockson, John Cheek or Melinda/Dan Tan.


PayPal shopping cart instructions:

1. Use drop down and select Scout(s) registration and enter first name(s)

2. On the PayPal page if more than one scout, change the number and hit "update"

3. If finished, click on "checkout"; if adding an adult enter "continue shopping".  Click "yes" if asked to leave page.

4. Use drop down to select Adult(s), enter first name(s), repeat step 2 and then click on "checkout" 

5. Enter the PayPal or credit card information to complete the transaction

2015 Troop Dues
Scout/Adult first name(s)
Sign Up Now For Winter Camp!

Go to the "WINTER CAMP 2014" page to see Merit Badges offered,  a PayPal payment button and more information. 
2014 Winter Camp Permission Form

Winter Camp Merit Badge Schedule

2014 Annual Brisket and Turkey Fundraiser

It's time again for the annual Brisket Fundraiser. Scouts can download  Order and Sponsor forms from below:

Brisket Fundraiser Order Form

Brisket Sponsor and Receipt Form


Go to the 2014 Brisket and Turkey Fundraiser page  for more information.

Be a Brisket Fundraiser Sponsor

You or your company can make a fundraiser donation.  Pitmaster donations are $250 and up; PitMinders are $100 to $249. 

Current Donors


*Thomas Donnell and Family

*The Bocage Group


* The Brickley Family

*The Pai Family

* The McSparkero Family

click here for a Brisket Sponsor and Receipt Form

Go to the 2014 Brisket and Turkey Fundraiser page  for more information.


Please send in any photos that you may have.