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Troop 266's first Eagle Scout was Joseph T. Wells, Jr. in 1951. Since then, Troop 266 has had over 273 Eagle Scouts. See how many you know!

Troop 266 Eagle Projects

These are active, and archived examples, of Eagle Scout Projects of Troop 266.
For active projects, please help support these scouts in achieving one of the most important goals and challenges of scouting by signing up to help with their projects or donating to project expenses.

Donate by check made out to Troop 266 or with the PayPal button to the right of the scout's name.


Active Eagle Project - Stay tuned!

Michael Rodriguez's Eagle Project

I am completing my Eagle Project this weekend (7/20-7/21/24) and would be grateful for your help in its completion. If you wish to volunteer, you do so at this link. Additionally, if you want to donate to help cover the cost of supplies and materials you do so at the paypal link. I hope to have 5 volunteers at each shift, and raise a total of $410.00, so I am very grateful for any amount donated or any amount of time volunteered.

Michael Rodriguez


When donating, please put in the comments the donation is for Michael Rodriguez's Eagle Project

Donation link


Landon Stuart's Eagle Project

At the Hermann Park Conservancy, there is a generously sized community garden that holds many crops that the people working there tend. They grow these plants so they can donate the harvestable produce to people who are in need of food and that may not be able to get fresh fruits or vegetables elsewhere.

My project restored the physical garden beds which had been slowly aging and decomposing over the years. We fixed three of the planter boxes.


Grant Dionne's Eagle Project

My Eagle Scout project was a book drive, and the building of a bookshelf, in honor of a mentor of mine who just recently passed away. She was a librarian at my elementary school and always wanted more books in the library. She left behind a list of some of her favorite books and these were the books I filled the bookshelf with. The books, or money donated to buy them, were donated by members of the troop and my community. The completed and filled bookshelf was donated to S.C. Red Elementary at the beginning of the 2024 year.

Carter Debow's Eagle Project

My project was at the Jennie Elizabeth Hughes Park in West University (6446 Sewanee Ave.). We replanted landscaping in areas where plants had died off, replacing them with more hardy plants.

Wyatt Chavez's Eagle Project

My project was a food drive to benefit the Christian Community Service Center food pantry. CCSC is a Christian nonprofit serving Central and Southwest Houston for over 50 years.  Part of my project included distributing grocery bags with flyers attached to the West University neighborhood that is behind the Randall's Shopping Center. My project also collected food donations in several ways.

Orion Rognstad's Eagle Project, 2023

The beneficiary for my Eagle Scout project was the Meyerland Middle School, where I attended 7-8th grade. I teamed up with the Kickstart Karate Kids to build a community garden. My project built two 4'x8' planter boxes and filled them with logs, sticks compost, and soil using a hugelkultur method.

Christian Robins' Eagle Project, 2023

The beneficiary of his project was the School for Young Children, or SYC. Located in the Montrose area, it serves children who have language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Christian was a student there for fifth and sixth grade.

Christian successfully completed project replaced the back fence of the playground area, and built an outdoor storage shed for playground equipment such as scooters, balls, hoops, etc.

Griffin Weston's Eagle Project

My project was an urban forest restoration at Hermann Park. On the first day we removed invasive species in one section of the park. On the second date, we planted up to 50 native trees.

Holt Brickley's Eagle Project

My project benefited my place of worship, CityRise (West University Baptist Church). The West University Baptist Church campus, located in West University Place, had recently built a new Student Building on Amherst Street, along with an expanded parking lot. There was a gravel edging/bed along the east side of the building that borders the parking lot.

My project cleared the bedded area of gravel put instead brick pavers. The bed is approximately 88’ x 1.5’ (132 square feet).  The gravel was saved to be repurposed into other gravel beds along the property.

John Hwang's Eagle Project.  

My project was to build and install 2 cedar wood planter boxes at Pershing Middle School to beautify the outside part of the garden, right along the walkway. In addition, this will occur on the north side of the garden which is easily accessible from the parking lot with the basketball courts.

Mark Wong's Eagle Project

My project was to beautify my home church Houston Chinese Church @South Main.  It is a church that my family and I have been attending and enjoyed for many years.

Mark Cheek's Eagle Project

My name is Mark Cheek and my eagle project benefited the West U. Methodist Church. The project was to renovate an alcove in the back of the original church chapel. This included repainting the walls and trim, creating an interior bearer for the stain glass window, installing shelving, and installing doors to transform the alcove into a closet. This allowed the church to efficiently store supplies and equipment for the preschool program while still maintaining a clean and tidy appearance when the chapel is in use.

Sean Watson's Eagle Project

My project benefited Yellowstone Academy. Yellowstone Academy was founded in 2001 to provide preschool through 8th grade education to the students in Houston’s historic Third Ward community. They are expanding their program to include High School. My project created a new crushed granite outdoor classroom with outdoor weatherproof tables for 24 students.

Jack Carpenter's Eagle Project

My project benefited The Forge for Families located in the Third Ward, whose mission is to equip families to fulfill their potential.  I assembled and installed commercial grade sports bleachers for the soccer field, and a picnic table for the children's play area.  The bleachers are portable and can be moved indoors to the sports court.  I also replaced dead plants in landscaped areas  with drought-resistant native plants.

Andrew Tan's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project was to create a library for the MD Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Hospital (Inpatient Unit) for the Teen/Young Adult Room and the Children’s Playroom respectively in the Pedi-Dome area of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Hospital.  Simple shelving or bookcases were assembled to house the books.

Thomas Donnell's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project was the renovation of the Interior High Court Stairwell at West University United Methodist Church. My project had 9 components: repair sheetrock, sand and paint metal surfaces and railings, replace water damaged ceiling tiles, clean concrete landings and steps, paint walls, paint concrete landing, install missing window ledge, install plexiglass panel, and install grip tape on the stairs

This stairwell is heavily traveled and had not received much care throughout the many years it existed. The paint was peeling off of the walls and the metal railings. The concrete steps were not safe for the little children who traveled the stairs. The project repaired the metal railings and walls with an updated color to make the stairwell feel more friendly. We replaced damaged sheetrock and installed plexiglass panel to protect the wall from further damage.

Robert Jordan's Eagle Project

My Project benefited Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas and affiliate patient family waiting rooms.

During the first phase, I collected donations and items such as children’s books, games, toys and coloring supplies.  The second phase included building, staining, branding and sealing eight bookcases to house those donations to create activity centers.

Thank you to everyone who donated items through the online Amazon Wish List I set up.  The Troop made the "Ice Cream for Toys” events during the summer meetings a huge success by bringing in items on my wish list as well as giving monetary donations in exchange for ice cream.  I’d also like to recognize our local Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target and Walmart for their generous donations and support benefiting my Eagle Project!

Troop members, family, friends and neighbors donated their time and/or tools over a series of project work days in order to help build, stain and seal the bookcases.

Because of everyone’s collective generosity, I was able to fill the bookcases with more items than I originally estimated.  The activity centers were needed, well received and much appreciated.

This project was a success because of your support and encouragement and I will be forever thankful for your part in making it happen.


Robert Jordan

Surya Ramakrishnan's Eagle Project

My name is Surya Ramakrishnan and my Eagle Project was at T. H. Rogers school. I renovated the T.H. Rogers signboard in front of the school. I chose this project because it is very important to me as I walked past this sign almost every school day for three years. The project consisted of two portions: creating a desert landscape around the sign and renovating the sign itself. I believe that repainting this signboard and adding the landscape around it truly improved the aesthetics of the school. Thank you all for the support I received on my project!

Nathan Wilson's Eagle Project

My project benefited The Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift store, located at 5236 Cedar Street, in Bellaire, Texas 77401. This store provides secondhand clothing and furniture to the poor and disabled and uses funds raised to provide vouchers for other expenses, such as medical costs, home repairs, and rent.

My project involved painting the cinderblock walls and unpainted shelves in the inventory storage room of the store. Scraping years of peeling paint and sanding for paint prepping took longer than estimated, but the painting of the shelving unit and the walls proved to be challenging and rewarding.

I painted a four sided inventory room with over 1560 square feet. I also painted a 40 foot shelving unit, and installed a 36 foot long hanging rod for storage and organizing.

Thank you all for providing the tools and paint to make this room makeover to benefit the people who are given aid by my beneficiary.

Thanks again for the support!

Nathan Wilson

Charlie Vaquero's Eagle Project

My project benefited Cristo Rey Jesuit of Houston, a college prep school that offers a rigorous education available to students from low-income families in the Houston area. They utilize a unique Corporate Work-Study Program that places students in Houston businesses and nonprofits where they earn up to 50 percent of the cost of their education and benefit from their internship experience.

Specifically, we created 30 wooden 12 5/8” x 10 1/8” hand-stained picture frames with a glass covering inside. These frames are holding pictures of 2-4 students with the names of the corporations at which they attend their work-study programs. The frames line the main hallway of the school.

The project is planned to consist of three phases: cutting the wood, assembling the frames, and installing them at the school.

Thank you for your support and making this project a lasting success!

Daniel Yunsu Kim's Eagle Project

My name is Daniel Yunsu Kim, and for my project, I decided to benefit the Korean Central Presbyterian Church of Houston. This is a church that I personally attend and have been attending for many years. The project consisted of two phases. The first phase was creating a large wood pallet art structure that will adorn the wall of the sanctuary in the youth service building. This structure consisted of individually weathered and hand-stained wooden panels that will serve to add more dimension and attention towards the stage. The pallet wall structure covers 180 square feet: 18 feet wide and 10 feet tall.

The second phase of this project consisted of painting the walls of a worship room in the main church building used for the mentally disabled who attend this church. The height of each wall is 9 feet. Two of the walls are 23 feet long and the other two walls are 26 feet long. Through my project, I really hope to bring about a better worshiping environment for both the youth as well as the mentally disabled who faithfully come to worship at our church, and hopefully create an overall more vibrant and pleasant atmosphere

I am happy to say that I have officially completed my Eagle Service Project, and I really want to thank everyone who helped make this a reality.

Through executing my project, I learned a lot of valuable lessons in project execution and what it takes to be a successful leader. Leading volunteers through from start to finish had its fair share of challenges to overcome, and often required quick problem solving as a leader. However, despite these challenges, the reward of seeing the final products and the positive affects they made on my church was well worth it, and I want to take the time to once again say thank you everyone who made this project a success.

George Jordan's Eagle Project

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me through the various phases of my project. The first phase of my project included a collection process in which I came to the weekly meetings in order to collect items that would be put into the chemo care kits. Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to buy items to donate at the meetings each week. This collection process with the troop had not been attempted as part of an eagle scout project, but I am glad it worked out and that I was able to truly get the troop involved. Thank you to everyone one who also donated online through the Pay Pal account in the form of monetary donations. I really appreciate the support I received for my actual project day from not just scouts my age, but the younger scouts as well. I had 34 willing volunteers who continued to come help throughout the day to help create chemo care kits and create blankets. With your help I was able to create 54 kits and 54 blankets which was more than the goal I had set for myself. After the ice cream social where I gave the kits and blankets over to Ronald McDonald House the donations did not stop there. I had so many items left over that I donated the extras which included 23 bottles of hand sanitizer, 23 decks of cards, 14 antibacterial hand wipes, 16 Kleenex packs along with other miscellaneous hygiene and toiletry items. I am in the last stages of my Eagle Project going through the paperwork and review process and hope to be entirely completed by mid September. Thank you again for all the support and I will look forward to seeing yall at a Eagle Scout Court of Honor in the future.

George Jordan

Neel Pai's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project took place at the HOUSTON FOOD BANK (HFB) where I have volunteered for the past two years and am a member of the student leadership team. HFB is a non-profit organization that collects and distributes food to hunger relief charities. It provides 83 million nutritious meals to food pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers and other agencies, feeding 800,000 people each year.

My project had three components to my project. The first was to assemble two ventilated, lockable security racks for winter jackets to be used by volunteers in the freezer section at HFB. The second was to stock these racks for which I will be doing a winter jacket collection drive with the troop and my school.  Currently, the work in the frozen section is limited due to lack of available winter jackets which often get misplaced/stolen with the current racks being used at HFB.  Lastly, I assembled over 2000 dental hygiene packages consisting of a toothbrush and toothpaste which will be added to the backpacks that HFB donates to students as part of the Backpack Buddy Program. Since they have not received a toothbrush in over two years, the dental hygiene packages will have an immediate positive impact on so many students.

Neel Pai

Brook Brickley's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project benefited my place of worship, West University Baptist Church/Crosspoint Church. The Crosspoint Church campus, located in Bellaire, recently removed an old playground structure as part of an expansion/building project. The old playground was located between the new youth building and the sanctuary.  The ground was filled with weeds, rocks and debris and was unsuitable to grow grass. The church wished to repurpose this space as additional green space. 

 I cleared the land and prepped and laid sod (St. Augustine grass) on the old playground site (50x75 ft.). The project workday was October 28, 2017, and the weather was great for working outdoors. I am very thankful for all of the support that I received from Troop 266 and to the many volunteers that helped me have a successful Eagle Service Project. I have enjoyed my years in Scouting and have made many friends. Thank you again for your support.

 Yours in Scouting,

Brooks Brickley

Cadesman Brickley's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project benefited the Chance for Hope Foundation (www.chanceforhopefoundation.org). This organization provides free short-term housing in the Texas Medical Center for families traveling to Houston for pediatric cancer treatment. Chance for Hope also supports pediatric cancer research and provides meals to inpatient pediatric cancer families. This foundation was created as a legacy to my best friend and classmate, Chance Davidson, who died in 2013 from brain cancer.

 I built and painted 8 all-wood bookshelf units for the Chance for Hope Residences. The bookshelves will be used to hold books and toys for the families staying there, as well as provide a display area for cherished items and family photos to personalize the apartments and make them more comfortable during these difficult times for the families. 

 With great support of my fellow Scouts, family and friends, I held my workdays on November 4th and 5th, 2017. Thank you to the many supporters who donated their time and resources to help me complete my Eagle Service Project. I have enjoyed my years of Scouting in Troop 266.

 Yours in Scouting,

Cadesman Brickley

Luke Hwang's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project took place at the LOAVES AND FISHES SOUP KITCHEN, located in the Third Ward of Houston. The goal of the project was to beautify the area around the soup kitchen by sanding/repainting the front fence and adding plants to the outdoor eating area. It is my hope that by improving the eating area, the less fortunate individuals who frequent the soup kitchen will have a better experience.
Loaves and Fishes is a non-profit soup kitchen located at 2009 Congress Ave. that serves nearly 95,000 meals annually, and is open all days of the week except Monday.

Luke Hwang

Alvin Oentoro's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project was at the Agape Development community garden in the Third Ward, Houston, Texas. The project improved the safety and aesthetics of the garden in order to help low income families to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables in an area which does not have many grocery stores nearby. The hope is that other families will come to use the garden in the future as they come to understand the benefits of producing your own food.
I repaired one garden bed, built a flower bed filled with different flowers, provided a picnic table, and built a new compost bin. Agape Development, a non-profit organization, is located in the Third Ward at 6401 Calhoun Rd., Houston, Texas. Agape Development helps people in need to improve their lives in positive ways.

Alvin Oentoro

Devon Watson's Eagle Project

I built an outdoor classroom for Lanier Middle School. It consists of multiple outdoor metal benches and tables on top of a crushed granite patio. This gives the Lanier Debate Team and Lanier Leadership an area to practice and learn.

Devon Watson

Ben Willcockson's Eagle Project

I made an outdoor classroom at Neff Elementary School. My project consisted of filling two planters with butterfly plants, as well as making two shade structures and two picnic tables that will go under the shade structures. This outdoor classroom will help the kids learn about the butterfly life cycle, and give them an outdoor space to use.

Ben Willcockson

Alan Ho's Eagle Project

For My Eagle Project, I refinished the wooden playground structure at the preschool playground at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in West University. The playground structure consists of three wooden sections, a landing with steps and slides, a bridge and a wooden shape ark which is similar to the biblical description of Noah’s Ark. The bridge connects the landing and the ark. I cleaned the entire wooden structure with a wood cleaner solution and then sprayed the entire structure with a penetrating oil wood finish weather protective coat.

The playground structure was built 25 years ago and needed a cosmetic facelift. The wood had soiled mildewed areas that needed to be removed. The protective coat provides a weatherproof exterior layer to the wood which will extend the longevity of the wood. This will give the children a playground structure that they can play on that will be mildew free and in a presentable condition.

Alan Ho

Ajay Ramsunder's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project was at the Meenakshi Temple in Pearland. The temple is a little run down in the sense that the outside area has not had much care. My project is to redo 3 flowerbeds in the front of the temple, I plan on doing this by taking out the soil from around the plants already inside, add wood and some new rose plants and then replace the soil. The roses will be perennial and will require little maintenance, causing it to beautiful all year round.
This will help as it will provide serenity to the people who are coming to pray and provide beauty to a rundown area. This is also important to me as I go to this temple and want it around for a long time.

Ajay Ramsunder

Noah Ryan's Eagle Project

My Eagle Project benefits the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul by setting up the processes and systems to sell donated items on line. They have a warehouse and two resale stores that receive thousands of pounds of donations every week. Most of the donations in the stores sell at a steep discount or don't sell at all as they are not something most of their local customers need.

My project set up a process to sort, document, post on line, and sell these items online where they will make the most money. I also set up a room with shelving for storage of these items and purchase a computer, printer, digital camera, postage machine and materials for posting the items.

Noah Ryan

James Quartey's Eagle Project

My Eagle project was to make 40 single layer no-sew fleece blankets for families who stay at the Children's Inn at NIH. The National Institute of Health (NIH), based in Bethesda, Maryland, is a government agency that conducts medical research to develop medicines and cures for rare diseases.

The Inn is like a home for children up to 25 years old and their families to stay when the go to NIH for research studies and medical care. They stay there for free, and the Inn has amenities and events that make them feel at home. Many of these families come from outside of the country and have to stay longer than expected. I realized that this, combined with the cold winters in the East Coast, could be a problem for them. Giving them these blankets would make them feel special during their treatment and help keep them warm.

James Quartey

David Cheek's Eagle Project

My Eagle project refurbished the outdoor stairs leading to the High Court of West University United Methodist Church, our charter organization. These stairs are used hundreds of times every day by people going into the church High Court, and so over time, they have fallen into disrepair. I completely striped the railings of their current paint, which is flaking badly, then repaint the railings with a fresh coat of weather resistant paint. I will also pressure-wash the steps, to restore them to a cleaner state.

David Cheek

Alex Van Manen's Eagle Project

My Eagle Scout Project was at the Nature Discovery Center. My Project was to dig up non-native evasive plants in a section and to replace them with chosen native plants. This will help get rid of the Nature Discovery Center's problem with non-native plants that negatively affect native plants and the local insects.
Once the native plants are planted, I will rope off the area to protect the plants from being trampled, and then I will water the plants for 1 month.

Alex Van Manen

Jack Lawter's Eagle Project

For my Eagle Scout Project, I redesigned the equipment room in the West University United Methodist Church by repainting, installing a shelving unit, and retiling. This will benefit the church by providing an organized way to store large amounts of equipment, add additional storage, and improve the aesthetic condition of the room.

Jack Lawter

Cameron Lewis's Eagle Project

My Eagle Scout project was at the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire Texas. built a ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant trail which will allow people with wheelchairs and other mobility issues or with strollers access from the sidewalk entrance to different areas in the park. The trail was constructed using concrete and decomposed granite. The Nature Discovery Center, a non-profit organization, is located in Russ Pitman Park at 7112 Newcastle, Bellaire Texas. Russ Pitman Park offers individuals, families and community groups a place to stroll, play, picnic and explore nature.

Cameron Lewis

Alexander Bergeron's Eagle Project

My Eagle project was located at The School for Young Children. I attended this school which taught me a lot and has helped me become the person I am today. This is why I want to give back to my former school. My project is to repair and replace 60 boards in an 8 ft high wooden fence that surrounds the playground at SYC. The project will benefit SYC by improving the safety and appearance of the fence.

Alexander Bergeron

Matthew Wong's Eagle Project

Casa De Esperanza (House of Hope) is a half-way home for children suffering from abuse and neglect, who are being placed in foster / adoptive care. Their need is great. Too often they are sent to their new homes with few belongings stored in nothing but a trash bag.

The purpose of my Eagle Scout project is to give these children a sense of worth and dignity as well as provide them with some basic necessities as they journey from home to home. My goal is to provide Casa de Esperanza with 100 duffle bags which I will fill with personal items such as toothpaste, shampoo, and eating sets. The bags and contents will cost about $40 each requiring need $4,000 dollars.

Matt Wong

Nick Fava's Eagle Project

I have been volunteering at the Emergency Aid Coalition for many years helping make sandwiches for people in need. When I would arrive, the clients waiting for sandwiches and other goods were standing or sitting on the ground. The way the clients had to wait bothered me and I wanted to make a change and help them. For my Eagle Project, I am building benches so the Emergency Aid Coalition's clients can wait in comfort.

Nick Fava

Carter Johnstone's Eagle Project

My was at the Houston Arboretum, and entailed collecting brush over a portion of the arboretum's forest, mulching this brush, and then returning this mulch back to the forest floor. After the drought of 2011 around 301 million trees died across the state of Texas. The Houston Arboretum suffered from the drought and much of its plant life died which created thick brush that still remains today. The project will speed up the natural succession and make the arboretum less susceptible to fire, reduce the amount of pests, and help restore the natural beauty of the arboretum.

I joined boy scouts early high school and it has provided me with life long memories. Please help me continue my journey.

Carter Johnstone